Switzerland coins 5 Swiss Francs, Swiss Canton Schaffhausen Shooting Thaler, dated 1865.

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 Switzerland coins - 5 Swiss Francs,  Swiss Canton Schaffhausen Shooting Thaler   
Swiss francs silver coins Chf Helvetia Switzerland money currency
Switzerland Helvetia coins - 5 Swiss Francs Silver coin
Switzerland Helvetia coins - Chf 5 Swiss Francs Silver coin - Shooting Thaler Swiss Canton Schaffhausen, dated 1865.
The canton of Schaffhausen is the northernmost canton of Switzerland, located to the north of Zurich.

Obverse: Draped and mailed figure of Helvetia, wearing turrented crown (as Tyche), seated right holding shield and laurel wreath and sword between legs. A young boy ("Tellknabe") standing before her, holding a pierced apple on a shooter´s arrow in raised left hand. City walls in background.
Comment: Engraver´s signature (A.BOVY) at 4 o'clock!
Reverse: rms of Schaffhausen superimposed upon Swiss cross in quatrelobe.
Translated: "Federal shooting festival in Schaffhausen 1865 – 5 francs"

Mintage: 10.000 pcs.
Designer: Antoine Bovy
Denomination: 5 Francs ("Shooting Thaler")
References: Davenport 382, HMZ 2-1343f, KM-XS8. R!
Diameter: 37 mm
Weight: 25 gram of Silver (.835)